Positive Negative Space Assignment



So this is today’s assignment that I’ve completed.

We had to create positive and negative space using the shapes provided on Google Drawings.

The first design consists of four unequal signs, the second consists of four lightning shapes, the third consists of four curved arrows, and the fourth consists of four callout shapes.

The third one is my favorite, It just seems calmer than the other three, while my second favorite is the first.



Wordle Project


This is another project I did for Digital Media. I threw a few words together in an online generator called ‘Wordle’ that changes the words into a collage. I think this is pretty alright!


Windows Photo Collage


jamielkendrick_blendedphotosNow here’s an assignment that I really like

It’s from a month ago and I’m still pretty proud of it.

This is a Photoshop blending of multiple default Windows backgrounds that I found on this computer. It’s really cool to me since this is the first one I’ve ever done. c:


Symmetrical Balance


Well here’s another one..

This is an example of symmetrical balance that I created in Google Drawings.

This shows symmetrical balance because both sides are completely identical on the line in between them.



Asymmetrical Balance


Well, let’s look at this abomination forever.

Here’s something I made in Google Drawings as a short assignment. Asymmetrical balance is the idea that two sides of an image heavily differ from each other, and they still provide a sense of balance. Using the line, shape, the ‘Shift’ key, and scribble tools, I created this image to replicate asymmetry. This is the sun and the moon. Obviously cartooned, and both are used to represent different times of the day. I filled up space on the outsides of the main focus by adding common traits of both. This gives the picture a greater illusion of balance.

I did pretty well for a mediocre program.

(I internally cringed when I found no eraser tool.)