Setting up your first WordPress site!

Hey there, internet! First post [in general]!

While I’m here on the blog, I’ll go ahead and discuss my overwhelming pain and suffering (due to laziness) that went into getting this up and running! 😀

The overall experience of creating this blog from the perspective of a closet-dweller like me is excruciatingly painful due to the fact that all I really depended on to create a blog was Tumblr, which is much simpler than this. But anyways, I’m here now!

So now I’m gonna tell you how to do it too一for one reason or another一anyways let’s do this!

  1. Go to, obviously, you’re gonna need to do this or you’re never going to make a WordPress blog.
  2. Create an account. During this time, you’ll be asked to make a username and password, make sure it’s something you can remember. You will also be asked to specify a domain: this is what people type into the URL bar to get to your blog. You have to choose a plan (including the free one, which just adds ‘’ at the end of your domain name), and create a domain. (You will also be able to choose from a wide range of themes for the blog, you can always change it later.)
  3. After you sign up, you can set up your profile and customize your blog to your liking, and that’s it!

I hope you guys benefit from this at least a little, as this was only a minor tutorial. If you want to learn more you can look it up yourself, other people give a lot more in-depth, detailed, and step-by-step instructions, so check them all out!