Hour Of Code


So hi, I’m here again.

I have another assignment, and it’s to post about the whole Hour Of Coding experience. First of all, it’s actually engaging. I find myself beating level after level and not really being that bored. It’s a good way to learn about coding, and there are many options of code: from JavaScript (web code) to Lua (gaming code). It’s pretty great, I recommend that you check it out.




Design Instructions

Creating an Asymmetrical balance design is actually way simpler than all of the other balances, but at times it can get difficult if you want to convey a specific message.

  1. Of course, start with a blank canvas, draw a straight line down the middle of the canvas
  2. On one side, do basically whatever you want. Go crazy with colors and shapes.
  3. On the other side, do something completely different, and make sure it has the same amount of power that the opposite side has.

The second one I’m going to show you is how to create a Positive/Negative balance design. These can be easy or hard, it depends on the way you tackle the project. I’m going to show you the relatively easy way.

  1. Start with another blank canvas.
  2. Pull out a shape that you like from the shape tool.
  3. Turn it black, or fill the center black and make the lines transparent.
  4. Copy and paste it three times, ending up with four identical shapes.
  5. Flip them horizontally and vertically, each one in a different position.
  6. Bring the ends together [making a square-like image and there’ll be a white space in the center of the image.

Now that that’s over with, I’m going to tell you how to post it on WordPress.

  1. Download the images as JPEGs
  2. Have a WordPress account, of course.
  3. Go down to ‘Publish’ and ‘Blog Posts’ and click on the ‘Add’ button.
  4. Make a title according to the design
  5. Go to the ‘Add Media’ button and browse through your downloads for the images.
  6. Select them and they’ll appear on the post.
  7. Write a brief description of both and press ‘Publish’

Well finally this cancer is over, I’m going to go now, okay thanks, bye.