‘.+: About Me! :+.’

Yo, my name’s Jam.
When I was a kid, I aspired to do things that every other kid in the entire world wanted to do too. Like being a dancer or an astronaut or a doctor; those kinds of things. I used to be a really sweet girl, and I did everything I was supposed to. Years went by and somehow I grew out of it. I was born here in Detroit, I have both of my parents and my older brother. I’ve been living here for my whole life, and grew up in the same house since birth. I’ve never had any pets, but a lot of my relatives have them. I didn’t like the idea of moving, but we’ll have to do it one way or another.
I think I started to change once I discovered the internet, which was both a good thing and a bad thing. For one, if I hadn’t surfed the internet, I would stay oblivious to the world around me and I wouldn’t have matured like I have now; I still would have been typing in ‘broken English’ like texts (and now I have a habit of typing very long and grammar-accurate texts to my peers). The internet gave me a sense of rebellion, and I’m not really fond of words on paper anymore. My mood changes frequently because of it as well (for better and for worse). One thing that keeps me calm is playing video games, most of which I play on the computer (of course). Another hobby I enjoy is art. I’m an avid artist and drawing is what you’d find me doing often.