The Meaning Of Thanksgiving



The photo above is taken from Google, therefore it does not belong to me 

Well, here I am again.

Back with more schoolwork and there’s barely anyone here.


Anyways I’m here to describe the meaning of the infamous Thanksgiving. First of all, I really noticed that nowadays Thanksgiving has become a marketing strategy in disguise as did most of the other holidays, which is obvious. I mean, everyone knows this but I just wanted to bring the issue back to light and say that there’s more taking than giving– company-wise, though. Furthermore, I celebrate Thanksgiving, but I prefer to stay home. My parents make food for the four of us and we just spend the whole day together. No Thanksgiving cards, no special tablecloths or anything. We just sit down all around the table and have a good meal, we talk to each other about school and things of that sort.


Alright well,

time to crawl back in my hole.

Happy Thanksgiving





These are three examples for an assignment that I pulled off of the internet. These photos show [in order]


Focal Point

Rule Of Thirds

Once again these photos are not mine, they belong to their respected owners.


Classroom Expectations Poster Design- Venngage


Hey, guys! This is another poster I was able to create for my Digital Media class using a program called Venngage. It’s based on our ‘Classroom Expectations’ poster, and our assignment was to redesign this. I think I like this a lot, not as much as the ‘Habits Of Work’ I posted before, but this is still great.